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* Business

Currently the plant only disposes of general waste, not industrial waste. The trash flow allocation is generally planned by the Environmental Protection Bureau, Kaohsiung City .

  • Service area: Sanmin, Nanzih, Zuoying, and Gushan Districts of Kaohsiung City
  • Population served: More than 1047 thousand, which accounts for 69% of the total population of Kaohsiung City .
  • Area covered: 89.07 km2 , approximately 58% of the total area of the city.
* Operating Performance

Environmental monitoring ˇV the main purposes:

  • Establish a complete database of environmental quality of adjacent areas.
  • Evaluate and analyze the influence of the plant on the environmental quality of adjacent areas in construction and operation phases.
  • Draw up the impact areas according to the results of monitoring, and utilize the data in the database to create corresponding strategies to correspond to different situations.
* Future Prospect
In the future, each unit will continue to work together while being responsible for its own task under the supervision of the Environmental Protection Bureau, and the whole crew will strive for normal operation of the entire plant, in order to resolve the tremendous trash problem in Kaohsiung City, and prevent trash crisis from happening in the next 20 years. Hoping for convenient and worriless lives for our citizens, the entire staff will do their utmost to prevent pollution and closely monitor the environment with a more serious, responsible attitude and caution, in order to achieve the goal of environmental protection. In regard to strengthening relationships with neighboring communities, we will dedicate our efforts in operating and managing the compensation facilities and maintaining the natatorium for residents to use, and take initiatives to negotiate with neighboring citizens, in order to allow the plant to run normally and effectively create positive relationships with neighboring communities.
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