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¡@ * Compensation Funds: ¡@
¡@ ¡@ Pursuant to the ¡§Self-Government Ordinances for Compensation for Waste Management Plants in Kaohsiung City ,¡¨ a compensation fee of 27 million dollars is provided for Kaohsiung City every year during the operating phase. As for Kaohsiung County , the compensation fee is calculated according to factors such as the population, area, and distance within the compensation area.
¡@ * Compensation Facilities (Including Natatorium): ¡@
¡@ ¡@ Compensation facilities were constructed, in which reading rooms, aerobics rooms, recreation rooms (for table tennis and billiards), lounge (and conference room), arts and culture studios, and an outdoor concert stage were installed. The recreation facilities are provided for the free access of residents in the districts and villages within a radius of 2 kilometers of the plant. Furthermore, a natatorium was constructed at Sanmin Senior High School. The construction was completed on July 31, 2001, and the facility officially began operation on April 21, 2002. ¡@

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