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The Plant
The plant is responsible for handling massive trash produced by approximately 41.1% of Kaohsiung City residents (such as Sanmin, Nanzih, Zuoying, Gushan, Ligya, Xinxing, Qianjin and Yancheng Districts). Every year, environmental monitoring plans are drawn up for environmental impact assessments, and environmental management plans are properly planned in accordance with the ISO14001 Environmental Management System standard. In addition, advanced equipment is adopted, including a semi-dry absorber, bag filter dust collector, de-NOx system, and activated carbon adsorption equipment. The allowable emission value of such pollution prevention equipment is far less than the regulatory standard. Operations such as waste air purification, noise and vibration in the peripheral area of the plant, water recycling after treatment, dioxins pollution prevention, and so on, are to prevent the environmental quality from going down....
Adress:No.15, Dingjin 1st Lane, Sanmin District, Kaoh
Bus: 76, 77 to Jinding Road,walk for 5 minutes.
Bus: Red 33 to Mingcheng Road,walk for 10 minutes.
* Service area: Sanmin, Nanzih, Zuoying, Gushan, Lingya, Xinxing, Qianjin and Yancheng Districts of Kaohsiung City
* Population served: More than 1140 thousand, which accounts for 41.1% of the total population of Kaohsiung City.

Area covered: 93.157 km2 , approximately 3.26% of the total area of the city.

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