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Introduction to the Plant
Organization and Duties
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Organization and Duties

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A director is appointed in the plant to administer general affairs of the plant and supervise the staff under orders of the director-general of the Environmental Protection Bureau. A deputy director is assigned to assist in managing the plant. There are 2 sections and 5 offices underneath the director and deputy director, and their duties are as follows:
*Duties of Maintenance Section:
ˇ@ Extension 200~210
It is in charge of planning of environmental pollution prevention, ash disposal, maintenance of machines, tools, and appliances, etc.
* Duties of Systems Operation Section:
ˇ@ Extension 300~309
It is in charge of incineration operations, pollution prevention, and management of boilers, generators, meters, electric equipment, and so on.
* Duties of Personnel Office:

Extension 600~603
It deals with organization, task simplification, manpower planning, appointment, dismissal, transfer, evaluation, training, continuing education, retirement, and pensions in accordance with law.

* Duties of Accounting Office:

Extension 500ˇB502~503
It compiles budgets for annual revenue and expenditure, audits accounts, issues income and expenditure invoices, prepares financial statements for revenue and expenditure accounts, supervises and inspects purchase tenders, and gathers statistics according to law.

* Duties of General Affairs Office:

Extension 400~411
It is in charge of document management seal safekeeping, property  management,  research, development, evaluation, general affairs, cashier, and other tasks that do not belong to other sections and offices' responsibilities.

* Duties of Ocupational Safty and Hagiene Office:

Extension 800~802
Complying labor law and employee health and safety policies

* Duties of Civil Service Ethics Office:

Extension 700~702
Correct investigative procedures and the confidentiality of official duties, as well as the safeguarding of facilities and other matters

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